My Philosophy and Approach

Sustainable Packaging

Why it Matters

My mission is clear: to create sustainable packaging that protects our planet and propels us towards a brighter future. With each design, I prioritize efficiency, user experience, and resourcefulness, understanding that the role of packaging extends far beyond just holding a product—it’s key to advancing sustainability.


I design with the future in mind, crafting packaging that gives more to the earth than it takes. Reuse and recyclability are at the heart of my designs, reducing waste and fostering a sustainable cycle.


For me, packaging is the beginning of the consumer’s experience. It’s why I focus on creating solutions that are easy to use, safe, and informative, enhancing the way consumers interact with products.

Cost effective

My packaging solutions are built to be as efficient as they are eco-friendly, optimizing logistics to save costs and the environment. Every design is a step toward a more efficient and responsible supply chain.

Designing for a Circular Economy

With a well-planned and implemented packaging strategy, businesses can greatly improve their overall sustainability and make a positive impact on the environment.


Design minimal elements for maximum sustainability (preferably with renewable/recycled raw materials).


Design to keep packaging in use as long as possible. Enables creative recycling, of packaging, where waste is upgraded to use.


Keep materials in use. Make it easy for the consumer to understand what material it is, for proper recycling.

Holistic view

Always have a holistic view in everything you do. Every packaging has is own life-cycle.

Article about the future of packaging

By Sofia Erixson