My background in the packaging & food industry

Experienced and knowledgeable in sustainable packaging solution.

I have dedicated many years to working in the packaging industry, constantly refining my skills and becoming an expert in sustainable packaging. Through my experience, I have gained valuable knowledge and insights that I can use to provide top-notch consulting services for businesses in need of sustainable packaging solutions.

My Areas of Knowledge

With my comprehensive knowledge in packaging, I can provide assistance within many areas in the value chain. I am experienced in leading or supporting projects and validating packaging data. I am here to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

Design 4 Recycling

Utilizing my deep knowledge of design for recycling, I offer support that prioritizes recyclability and circularity with a holistic approch.

Lectures on Packaging Trends

Stay ahead of the game with my informative lectures on the latest packaging trends and industry insights.


Packaging data becomes more and more important and complex. I can help you validate your packaging data on a detail level.

Tailor-made Packaging Strategy

Let me help you create a unique, effective packaging strategy that aligns with your specific business goals and objectives.


Optimizing packaging is a win win for both the cost and environment. I can help with guidance or recommendation through the whole value chain.


My understanding in food packaging allows me to efficiently lead or assist with diverse packaging initiatives, beginning with initial ideas and culminating in product rollouts.


I can assist with packaging regulations and requirements, particularly for the Swedish market, as well as advise on design for recycling.


Expert advice and guidance for all your packaging needs, from design to production.

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