About refold


Welcome to Refold – a sustainable packaging consulting business founded by Sofia Erixson. My passion is to help companies reach their packaging goals that are both sustainable and cost-effective.

Let my 15 years of experience and knowledge in the field guide you to success.

15 Years in the Packaging Industry

I have extensive experience in the packaging industry, from my time as packaging manager at ICA & Orkla Foods. And structural designer at DS Smith. I have also worked in the collecting and recycling business at TMR.

Deep Knowledge of Design for Recycling

I have studied and have a deep understanding of design for recycling in Sweden.

Broad Network Within the Industry

Through my years in the industry, I have built a broad network of contacts that I can leverage for my clients.

Companies I have worked for

Explore the companies I have past experience with in the packaging industry.

At ICA and Orkla Foods I have been working as a packaging manager. At DS Smith I worked as a structural designer. At TMR I guided companies to design for recycling and at AFRY I worked as a packaging consultant.